Air rifle "Leshiy 2"

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Leshiy 2 is a new word in the field of compact and robust products. In 2016, the company Edgun entered the market with the conceptually new Leshy rifle, which is still the subject of heated debate and leaves no one indifferent. The main criticism of her was her singly charged.

ED never follows common trends,  moving the entire industry forward. It was the appearance of Matador that served as the impetus for the start of the air rife bullpup popularity now offered by most high-end manufacturers.

  • Weight (kg)
    2,19(2,35)/2,42 (2,58)
  • Length (mm)
  • Height (mm)
    164 (167)/171 (174)
  • Width (mm)
  • Tank volume (sm3)
  • Barrel length (mm)
  • Caliber (mm)
  • Stock
    (handle) laminat
  • Base for mounting an optical sight
From $2,049
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Leshiy 2 is not just a conceptual rifle, is a completely new approach to creating high-quality pneumatics. Even simply listing its functions does not leave anyone a chance at this stage to catch up with it.

Dimensions - as before, it is the most compact of all rifles on the market, having quite “adult” characteristics.

Reliability - seamlessly milled parts, well-developed design, new design solutions, make it not only reliable (no pressure gauges sticking out to the sides, no “fence” from pipes, etc.), but also beautiful. Design has always been Edgun's strong point.
New valve. He allowed to simplify the design of the rifle, seriously reduce the sound of a shot, remove stray vibrations from the work of the drummer, reduce air consumption, simplify the operation of the rifle. By the way, a patent was received for the valve in the USA, which only confirms its uniqueness.

The second tank is the default. This makes it possible to have more air "on board" and perfectly outperforms the product design. Moreover, it is possible to replace the lower tank with a flask from 0.22 liters to 0.45 liters. And all this, as before, in the same dimensions, of a compact rifle. The reservoir block is separated from the rifle within a second, which allows you to have several blocks, with different settings, for different ammunition and speed and switch from one rifle variant to another instantly.

Gauges from 4.5 to 7.62 mm. Moreover, as in the case of Leshiy of the previous generation, the replacement of the caliber is carried out only by replacing the barrel, no shutters, and so on. Changed the barrel = changed the caliber.

The possibility of increasing the length of the barrel, to any reasonable.

And most importantly - multi-charge. Did you ask it? You are welcome! But simply multiple exercises, “about the requests of the working people” would be banal and boring. The rifle is self-loading! At the same time, its accuracy remained as excellent as that of the singly charged Leshiy of the first generation.

Meet the new pinnacle in the PCP industry, setting new standards for everyone else. Leshiy 2 will not leave anyone indifferent!

Trigger stopper after shot.

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