Air rifle "Matador"

The Matador is a bullpup rifle.

This rifle is the flagship of EDgun. It was the appearance of Matador in 2004 that caused the bullpup craze among all manufacturers of airguns around the world.

The bullpup system, the overall length of the weapon is significantly reduced without changing the length of the barrel and, accordingly, leaving all the characteristics of a full-sized traditional rifle unchanged. The bullpup is the Ideal layout for work in limited conditions (dense shrubbery, car interior, etc.).

  • Weight (kg)
  • Length (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Tank volume (sm3)
  • Barrel length (mm)
  • Caliber (mm)
  • Number of shots by one refueling, not less
  • Operating pressure (atm)
  • Stock
    walnut, laminate, plastic
  • Duralumin coating
    black anodizing
  • Base for mounting an optical sight
    Weaver (Picatinny)
  • Moderator
    built in offset
From $1,875
Application on order:

The Matador was created by EDgun back in 2004. The recognizable design became the template for many PCP pneumatics manufacturers around the world to produce their bullpups based on the original R2 configuration.

During the production of Matador, it has improved many times and changed, becoming more robust, powerful, and reliable. The current version of the famous "Matador" - R5M was no exception. The R5M enjoys a new construction, improved finish, and ergonomics. To honor our flagship, the R5M has retained the name "Matador."

The R5M is multi-shot, with a front, two-sided cocking levers, this system is convenient for use by both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

The rifle has a double-sided safety that locks not the trigger, but intercepts the hammer, making it completely safe. The new eccentric moderator of increased volume with the same linear dimensions is much more useful than previous versions.  This new system significantly reduces the muzzle report.

The barrel located inside a duraluminum made CNC from a single piece of metal together with a Picatinny rail.  Together this gives the entire structure excellent rigidity and resistance to damage and point of impact change (see the R5M crash test)

An electronic measuring complex gauge installed on the rifle as a standard feature (EDMU).  The EDMU shows pressure, the number of shots, air consumption, temperature, and is more accurate than a mechanical gauge.   

During the design of the rifle, special consideration given to ease of maintenance and product service for the average owner.  The successful model has proven that even the most novice owner can service their rifle in a few minutes.

The rifle is available in two lengths: standard and long. The stock offered in walnut, laminate, or synthetic. Barrels offered either from  Lothar Walther (Germany) or from Alfa-Precision (Russia), with or without choke, made by order of EDgun LLC, according to our specifications and drawings.

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