Air rifle "Leshiy"

Leshiy was designed as compact as possible, simple, reliable, and always ready to shoot.

  • Weight (kg)
  • Length (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Tank volume (sm3)
  • Barrel length (mm)
  • Caliber (mm)
  • Number of shots by one refueling, not less
  • Operating pressure (atm)
  • Stock
    (Handle) walnut, plastic, laminate
  • Duralumin coating
    black anodizing, colored anodizing
  • Moderator
    built in offset
From $1,395
Application on order:

Due to its compact size and low weight, Leshiy is always ready to fire. The absence of a bolt, rammer, bolt frame makes the rifle simple and reliable.

Leshiy is equipped with a fuse that blocks the sear, not the trigger. When folded, the rifle cannot fire.

An integrated moderator allows you to shoot almost silently. The original barrel mount allows you to quickly replace the caliber without changing anything else. The carabiner on the butt makes it possible to attach it anywhere on your equipment. On the weaver, you can install additional equipment.

New barrels test

Presentation of "Leshiy" 2.0

Service Part II

Service Part III

Hammer Spring Test

Shooting with the tank off

Regulator replacement

Shooting without tank mounting axles

Leshiy in different colors, colored anodizing

Color Leshiy, Cerakote Painting