Air rifle "Lelya"

The Lelya rifle is made in the innovative bullpap-micro configuration.

PCP rifle Lelya is distinguished by its small dimensions with excellent accuracy and a sufficient supply of shots.

Lelya 2.0 is built on the same platform as the Matador R5M.

From $1,680
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The Lelya single-shot air rifle RSR rifle is manufactured by EDgun 2009. In 2016, taking into account the feedback and wishes of customers, the model underwent significant changes:

  • Now it is a multi-shot rifle with a front, two-sided platoon, which makes it convenient for use by both left-handed and right-handed people.
  • The rifle has a double-sided fuse that locks not the trigger, but the trigger, making it completely safe.
  • The new eccentric moderator of increased volume with the same linear dimensions is much more effective than previous versions and the user no longer needs to think about any additions or improvements - the company "EDgun" has already taken care of this.
  • Plus, the design of the moderator allows inquisitive users to easily change the stuffing of the moderator.

The barrel is located inside a duralumin casing made of one piece of metal together with a Picatinny rail, which gives the whole structure excellent rigidity and resistance to external influences. The barrel is tensioned inside the casing, which excludes its movement relative to the aiming base and makes the rifle extremely stable in shooting.

An electronic measuring complex is installed on the rifle, which measures not only the air pressure in the tank, but also gives the user data on the number of shots, air consumption per shot and other statistics that allow the user to analyze the operation of the rifle much deeper than when using an analog manometer.

Presentation of Lelya 2.0


Practic shooting

Replacing the cocking spring

Descent force adjustment

Carriage Replacement Part I

Carriage Replacement Part II