Dedal Stalker 6x32

This sight was developed by the Dedal NV company by order of EDgun LLC as an ideal sight for the Leshiy rifle, new at that time, as the most suitable for it.

The sight is prismatic, which made it very compact and light.

Despite its lightness, the scope is very durable. You can see it in this video:


The sight has a magnification of 6, but the grid is marked in milliradians, so the price of dividing the grid 1 MIL is 10 cm at a distance of 100 meters. And, despite the seemingly so small magnification, the image quality is so good that it allows you to see holes from a bullet at distances up to 250 meters.

Grid EDgun - 12 mil bottom 4 up, 4 right and left.

The sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth miles are marked with numbers, respectively 6, 8, 10,12.

  • Length (mm)
From $795
Application on order:

The first test of a prototype Stalker 6x32 sight

Test of the Stalker 6x32 sight

When shooting from Remington R25 .308 win, distance 250 meters. At this distance in the sight you can see the bullet holes in the snow!

Weight of the sight, video for unbelievers...

Sight ice test!

Shooting from a rifle, removing a sight, freezing it in a block of ice, knocking it out of ice with a hammer, mounting it on a rifle, shooting and hitting it at the same point!