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Manual for chrono S07

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Chronograph S07



  • Range of speed measurement 10- 999 f/sec
  • Regime of auto burst measurement
  • USB connection
  • 80 shots memory
  • Calculating the maximu, minimal and average speed
  • Three modes of work, Spring gun, PCP, automatic burst
  • Better diagnose tools
  • Two batteries AAA, can be used NiMh recharged accumulators



To operate the chronograph one should use two buttons. Button "M" (Menu) is used to go in the main menu and switching between submenu paragraphs. The button "E" (Enter) is used to choose the paragraphs of the menu and enter to the mode of expecting the shot.


To switch the chronograph to the mode of expecting the shots is to be done by pushing button "E". While pushed the diagnostics of the optical sensors is done as well as indicating the failure of the device if any is found. Then for the short time the symbols of the regime are shown   Hppp.gif Hpcp.gif or HAG2.gif and chronograph is switching to the mode expecting the shots Hready4.gif.



Regime Hppp.gif


In this regime the chronograph is in standby  mode for 1 minute and if there is no shot, the device is to be switched off. While switching off you can see the symbols   HOFF.gif immediately after the shot the speed of the pellet is shown for 5 seconds, after the chronograph is switched off. 



Regime Hpcp.gif



This regime is optimized for the following shooting. The chronograph is set to the standby regime for 3 minutes. After the shot the chronograph shows the number of shot in the series and then the speed of the pellet and stay in standby mode for another 3 minutes.   Indpcp.gif If the pellet doesn't influence the second optical sensor the chronograph shows the following indicator  HMISS.gif and will switch on to standby mode.


Regime HAG2.gif (Automatic Electric Gun)


This regime is to be chosen for speed measurement and the measurement of the rapidity of fire from 60 up to 1’700 shots per minute and up to 40 shot per the burst of fire. After the burst of fire the counter of the shots is shown, then by pushing “M” butto, the whole time in seconds, up to 0.01 seconds and the average rapidity of fire in shot per minute. In case if the rapidity of the fire is more than 999 shot per minute, the figure without the senior rank will be shown. And the dots will be shown as well. For example if the rapidity of fire is 1’234 shots per minute the following figures will be shown on the display 2.3.4. In this case  you should take into consideration that the senior figure is missed and it should be 1. S07 chronograph is measuring the maximum rapidity of fire in the burst of fire based on the minimal interval of time between shots. You can have access to the data of the speed in the memory of the chronograph by using paragraphs  Hlog.gif and Hcal.gif 


 You can see the table of the speed and the time intervals by uploading data to your PC. When you make the following measurement the previous data is deleted. 


Main menu



While pushing Mbutton you initiate the counter of the shots (you can choose the number of shots hold in memory Hc10.gif then, while pushing Mbutton again the menu of statistical data, which consist of   Hcal.gif (calculate values),  Hlog.gif  file of speed data Hcle.gif clearance the memory,    H_PC.gif uploading data to PC  Hsel.gif changing mode,  HOFF.gif switching of the chronograph  UP.gif turning indication upside down for 180 degrees in order to be able to use the chronograph while shooting with optical scope installed on the gun.






The choice is to be done by pushing “E” button. So, while choosing paragraph   Hcal.gif the calculated statistics data are shown in the following sequenceaverage arithmetic’s (average),   Haverage.gif Hmax.gif maximum and   Hmin.gif minimal.


While choosing the paragraph   Hlog.gif by pushing the “E” button, the display indicates successively the data of speed and number of shot in the memory.



By choosing   Hcle.gif the counter is zeroed as well as the previous statistics.


To upload the data to PC you should start any text editor, for example Note, then connect the chronograph to your PC, go to the menu of the chronograph to the paragraph    H_PC.gif by pushing “E” button. During few seconds your PC will found USB device and the chronograph will upload data to the open program in one column. If you suppose to make any graphics you can upload data directly to MS Excel program. If you want to share your data with anybody on forum, you can upload your data directly to the open window of your message in forum. No drivers need to be installed. The chronograph can upload data to any computer which supports USB. If there is no shots in the memory of the chronograph it will upload the diagnostic data which can be used in case you will need technical support.


To change regime you need to choose paragraph   Hsel.gif so you will see the sequence of the regimes indicated on the display. While changing the regimes the memory of the chronograph is cleared. In case the user doesn’t push any button during 30 seconds the chronograph switches off. 


The indicators of the different faults



pellet crossed the optical axis only first sensor, you need to correct the trajectory


the second optical sensor is not working


probably the first optical sensor is nor working


the Sun shines the second optical sensor


the first optical sensor is out of work


battery is low


The chronograph doesn’t allow deep discharge of NiMn accumulators, which can lead to their death. Nevertheless the full capacity of them are used as well as ordinary batteries. 


The failure of the tests of the optical sensors can be dirt caused by the oil while shooting spring guns, so the measurements are not recommended. If the test of the sensors shows  HbatL.gifHbatR.gif   you should clean them sensors carefully with the tooth brush, not scratching them. You shouldn’t use any chemicals which can destroy to plastic of the sensors.




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Есть перевод.

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