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New matador arrives!

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#1 emerey

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  • Имя\Name:Марсело

Отправлено 14 Май 2013 - 07:35

Hi Ed, congrat´s for the new sales channel for Argentina, as you know, i ask you about get the representation for my country, but today i contact your new Distribuitor (EdGun.Argentina), here so... CONGRATULATIONS!!


They sale to me the new matador Long .22 (Nº 0256), we chat for at lest  one hour. Very kind people, great seller!

As you know, i have myself an Airgun forum here, well, as a free contribuition i open a new sub forum for you (in the person of these new guys!)


Well, i´m happy for have a new seller for a great gun close to us!






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  • Имя\Name:Кирилл
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Отправлено 14 Май 2013 - 07:58

Congratulations! Best shot! & welcome to our squad  :priv:

#3 Тарас



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Отправлено 14 Май 2013 - 12:04


#4 sanek75


    Представитель по Португалии и Испании.

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  • Имя\Name:Aleksandr

Отправлено 14 Май 2013 - 14:27

Hola Marcelo

buenos tiros



#5 emerey

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Отправлено 17 Май 2013 - 12:45

Tks my friends, this is my third Matador my Sts one i´ve sold few years ago, buth now i must pick up my Short 2.5 .22 in Belgium, (former Kazzz Matador, a real winner, 100Mts indoor 2011, 30mm or so...).


This is addictive! with my (ex), Matador Std 2.5 and 18 grains JSB´s i do consistent 7.5mm to 10mm at 50Mts anytime. now i´m in the 12mm to 15mm range with the new Long one.at 50 Mts too, but wit higher speed, (almost 1000fps), i must down it to the "confort zone" 920/930fps

I shoot half tin of JSB´s only in two days... the rifle need´s more shoots..



Сообщение отредактировал emerey: 17 Май 2013 - 12:46

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