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Matador R3 versus Cricket

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#81 vladd

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Отправлено 30 Декабрь 2012 - 13:42

Hello Trygve


First, as I promise. Your name will be mention on the pictures





Second. I believe some guys from Ed’s forum do follow Talon site, like I do.

But on my bad experience, I try sign on Talon forum and it’s already 4 weeks I can’t login.

Plus on the top, Russians more sensitive or better to say- shy to speak not clear languages.

So sad, you cannot read in Russian. You will be VERY surprised how ED guys loved Edguns.

I am collecting old lighters for so many years and been on so many forums with the people having same craziness to collect, repair and so on..

And only here, on ED site, I got filling people really fell in love what and how they do!

They are sharing anything and everything. Problems, happiness’, creativity and so on.

There, on site, you can find all answers to any questions as you was and still looking on TALON site.

Most what I like how they treat new comers.


P.S.  About Matador book? I meant, you will be good in any directions not JUST a guns.

Book for your grandson for example!


Wish you the best!

Hello Trygve

How you like pix on Ed site?

Not bad?

#82 zocoloco

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Отправлено 30 Декабрь 2012 - 21:14

Hopefully my Russian friends will like them.......


I have put up a few myself too........


Thanks !


Trygve :pok:

#83 vladd

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Отправлено 21 Январь 2013 - 08:29

Hello Trygve.

How are you? Hope you are back to your brilliant fight, Matador vs. Cricket

I have few questions for you, if you don’t mind!

Are you getting directly ED’s guns from Russia or you using some dealers in Europe? How about service?

On one of your picture, I saw lot of guns which you owned. And somehow I believed you can be good without any help.

Maybe you know who can help me with PCP? I will buy Matador on the beginning of March from Joost, official EDgun dealer in Holland.

This would be my first PCP gun and I am little bit scare.


Wish you the best!



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